I see a 'donation' amount on each product, but how does it work?

As a supporter of an organisation you can see and purchase product at full price. We display the donation amount that applies to each product. We collect donations on behalf of the organisation and deposit directly to their bank account on the 10th of the month following the date of your purchase.

How do I select the organisation I would like to support?
Either on the products page or at checkout you can type in the name of the organisation you would like to support. If they have signed up to our website and allowed their supporters to purchase online, the organisation's name will appear in the list.

If I sign up my organisation does it mean I have to start fundraising straight away?
No! Once you sign up you can manage fundraising campaigns when and as you would like.

My organisation would like to make a bulk order - how do I do that?
Click on Organisation Signup to enter your details and click Register. Once you log in you will be able to view and order bulk stock at cost price.

Can we return unsold stock?

Organisations can return stock that was purchased via the bulk delivery method (purchased at wholesale prices while logged in to your organisation portal) provided that:

- you return the stock within 3 weeks of the original purchase date and

- you return stock that is unopened / unused and in saleable condition.

We cannot accept returns of part-boxes or opened boxes or cookbooks that show wear or tear.

We cannot accept returns of goods purchased as a customer at full price.

When will our organisation be paid for sales made via the website?

By the 10th of the month following the date of the transaction. For example, all donations from sales made in the month of June will be paid by the 10th of July, provided you have supplied us with your bank account and confirmed your GST registration status and number (if applicable). Please note a sale made on the 1st of July would fall into the next payment run, which would happen around the 10th of August.

Is it possible to allocate the fundraising to a particular student when people buy online?

Yes! If an organisation sets up agents in their online portal, the buyer will be able to select a group and enter a student name (screenshot below):

Can Alive Fundraising be used to fundraise for individuals?

Yes! Alive Fundraising is for individuals as well as organisations.

You can register your cause as an organisation on our website eg "Smith Family Fundraising" and set up a campaign name eg "Sandra's Class Trip to Europe"; alternatively you can simply set the organisation name as being the name of the individual and what they are fundraising for.

Once you log in to your organisation portal you will be able to view and purchase product at cost price. We deliver direct to you and you can on sell for a profit.

You can also fundraise online by sharing the email and Facebook links within your organisation portal. When friends and family click this link it will take them to our web page and pre-select your organisation name as the charity to support. Friends and family can purchase from our website at full price, get it delivered directly to them, and we will collect the funds raised on your behalf. We deposit the funds to your bank account on the 10th of the month following the date of the purchase transaction.

Do your Frooze Balls contain peanuts?

The ingredients for all our products are listed under the 'Detailed Information' section of each product.

Two of our Frooze Ball flavours, Gingernut and Peanut Butter, contain peanuts.

Do your Frooze Balls fit the criteria for those on a gluten-free, vegan, raw or paleo diet?

Yes - however please note for those on a raw diet, the Gingernut and Peanut Butter flavours both contain roasted peanuts.

Are your Revive Café Cookbooks plant-based?

All our cookbooks are vegetarian, however books 1 (green) and 2 (purple) of the Revive Cookbook series both have some recipes that contain dairy or eggs or honey.

The rest of our cookbooks are plant-based (dairy-free and egg-free) with the exception of the use of honey, which can be replaced with date puree as suggested in the recipes.